Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I Love You, Google Chrome

I've never thought much about the web browser I use. A long time ago I used Firefox at work; I didn't see the big deal (but then, why would I?) On another occasion, upon the tragic death of my previous laptop, once last resuscitation attempt was tried by installing Linux, and the web browser Opera. I found the entire experience so ghastly that I turned off the machine's life support once and for all.

Apart from this I've not really paid much attention to the browser I use. That is, until my web-savvy little brother discovered I was still using Internet Explorer. His exact words were, "Internet Explorer is to web developers what Hitler was to the Jews." That's a pretty strong statement from the kid you used to share a Commodore 64 with.

Putting this up for a second opinion on Twitter, I was surprised at the level of venomous abhorrence for this household browser. One Tweeter promptly agreed, saying that, "repeatedly slamming your tits in a door is better than IE." As if this wasn't enough pain to consider, another added, "having hot pins stuck under your finger nails and your toes hit with hammers is better than Internet Explorer."

Alright, no more self-harming, I get the picture!

My sibling's instruction was to get myself in tune with Google Chrome immediately. Which I did, because I know that if I want to keep bossing him around for the rest of my life I need to do what he says too once in a while. (And OK, also because he's a web genius and I know he knows what he's talking about). Frankly, the speed and ease of the Google Chrome installation is a tiny preview of things to come. Not only is the layout simple but the speed is impressive. I feel that every time I click a button, a thousand imaginary servants are racing to do my bidding. For the first time I realised just how clunky and unreliable Internet Explorer was. Constant issues with "(not responding)" errors, and, despite the plethora of tabs and buttons and toolbars, I could never find anything I was looking for. (What ARE all those toolbars for, anyway, Microsoft?)

So if you're a believer in the ethos "less is more", and you're tired of the lethargic pace of Internet Explorer, go for Google Chrome.
Or you could try hitting your toes with a hammer, because I hear that's good too.

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